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How are your pieces made?

DELZA jewelry is handmade in our Seattle home studio using traditional metalsmithing and lapidary techniques. Most of our pieces are hand-fabricated. Occasionally, some of our original designs are hand-cast or water-jet cut by other small artisan businesses.

What materials do you use?

Mostly brass, recycled sterling silver, and 14K gold-fill. Earring components are made from either sterling silver or gold-fill, unless otherwise noted. We scour the web and rock and mineral shows for stones, but sometimes we even cut our own!

Can you create custom work?

Some designs can be customized. For example, pieces may be recreated in a different material, length, or size, or with a different chain or earring fixture. Some custom projects may be subject to non-refundable down payments. Get in touch and we'll go from there.

Do you offer wholesale and consignment?

Yes, DELZA is actively seeking new wholesale partnerships, but is not taking on consignment accounts with shops outside of Seattle or the surrounding area. Please send your shop info (including website, location, and tax ID number) for inquiries.

I'm interested in a bulk order for my wedding/group/party, etc. Do you offer discounts?

Discounts are negotiable on bulk orders, depending on the design, materials, labor, and quantity. Essentially, your bulk order will be treated as a custom project. Send a message so we can discuss the details. We’d love to help you memorialize your special day or event!

I lost an earring. Do you sell singles?

Yes, if we still have the materials needed for your particular piece, we can reunite you with a complete pair! Singles are sold at half the retail price, plus shipping. Keep in mind, Knuckle Kiss pieces are handmade. Since small variations can exist between each pair, you may need to send back your single earring so the perfect match can be recreated. Please send a message with your inquiry before mailing anything back.

What's your repair policy?

Most simple repairs are free of charge. Damages caused through misuse, improper storage, or items requiring extensive repair may incur a fee. Customers are responsible for all shipping fees.

Please send a message about your piece before returning it so the nature of the repair can be determined. Turnaround time is typically 1 to 2 weeks, but may take longer depending on our current production queue.

I have sensitive skin. What materials do you use for earrings components?

Unless otherwise noted, all Knuckle Kiss earring components are sterling silver or 14K gold-fill. Many people with metal sensitivities are able to wear these metals without issue. 

However, if you are highly allergic, we recommend choosing sterling silver or gold-fill options over brass.  

Does you brass jewelry tarnish? How can I prevent this?

DELZA uses raw, un-plated brass, which will naturally tarnish over time. This patina imparts a warm, vintage look and tends to enhance the texture and shape of a design. 

Many people embrace this natural change, while occasionally using a jewelry cloth for a gentle polish. Sunshine Polishing Cloth, a DELZA favorite, is highly recommended. A sample cloth is included with each order of brass or sterling silver jewelry.

To avoid excessive tarnishing, keep your jewelry dry. Don’t wear it in water. Remove it before sleeping. Avoid contact with hairspray, lotion, makeup, etc., as these substances can accelerate tarnishing. Store the jewelry in a non-humid environment and in a small plastic bag when not in use. Learn more from our jewelry care and cleaning tips page.

Will brass stain my fingers?

Un-plated brass can sometimes cause “greening” on the skin. This temporary stain is a natural reaction between the metal and the elements (moisture, chemicals, the pH balance of your own skin). This tends to be more of an issue for brass rings or pieces that come into regular, direct contact with skin.

This stain is not harmful and washes away with soap and water. You can help prevent staining by keeping your piece clean and dry. A layer of clear nail polish inside rings also helps create a protective barrier.

If you find this very bothersome, we recommend choosing sterling silver or gold-fill pieces instead of brass.

Check out our handy jewelry care and cleaning tips for brass and other materials we use.

Can you clean or re-oxidize my jewelry for me?

Yes! Here is the cost:

  • Cleaning costs $3 (per piece or pair of earrings) plus the cost of shipping.
  • Re-oxidizing costs $5 (per piece or pair of earrings) plus the cost of shipping.

Turnaround time is typically 1 to 2 weeks, but may take longer depending on our current production queue. This service is for DELZA Jewelry only. Please get in touch before returning your piece.

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